Stay in and Cook this Valentine’s Day!

Let’s face it, if you don’t already have V-Day reservations, you likely won’t get any (or at least not anywhere good). BUT… don’t fret, you’re better off without any. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and what better way to do so than making an incredible homemade meal for your love… in your PJs. If you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading. Trust us, in no time you’ll be hitting the grocery store and browsing our recipes for the perfect dinner ideas.

1. You won’t have to make a reservation… and STILL wait 45 minutes for your table when you get there.

Restaurants get totally slammed on Valentine’s Day and they are trying to pack as many people in there as they can. They’ll be hustling you in and out as quick as they can once you finally get seated. Skip the rush and go on another night when things calm down.

2. You won’t have to deal with a prix fixe menu filled with overpriced, weird items.

“I’ll pass on the frog legs but thank you.” Why pay the extra $10-$20 for odd appetizers you would never order for yourself. It will mean even more to your sweetheart if you cook them a thoughtful meal instead of paying for their duck liver they pretended to enjoy.

3. Can’t buy me love…

Skip the Valentine’s Day dinner rez and you won’t have to pay those pesky V-day prices.. aka the big bucks. Restaurants typically bump up the price when they break out the special menus, don’t fall into the trap. You can polish off a whole bottle of wine at home for the price of 2 glasses at the restaurant. And we all know, the more wine the better.

4. Sweatpants exist.

That is all.

5. There’s nothing romantic about being surrounded by awkward couples.

First dates, proposals, whisper-fights- it’s all fair game at restaurants on Valentine’s Day. Unless you want to lose your appetite, skip watching the overly-affectionate couple make out next to you.

6. You can celebrate in peace whether it be Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, Galentines Day, or Bro-entine’s Day.

Whether you’re cuddled with your SO, drinking wine with the ladies, or grilling steaks and drinking beers with your buddies- you can have a great time enjoying the people you love- with no pressure.

7. Netflix.

Avoid the cold and catch up on Game of Thrones. You know you want to…

8. You get to try an EPIC schultz’s gourmet recipe. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Browse our collection of recipes.

Might we recommend the Spicy Shrimp Pasta or Seasoned Seared Scallops.

Let us know your Valentine’s Day traditions in the comments!

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