Pairing Tacos with the Right Hot Sauce

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Pairing Tacos with the Right Hot Sauce

The right sauce can completely change the taste of any dish, and pairing two flavors together can be magic—and this is especially true of tacos and their condiments. There’s a science to matching your taco with the perfect hot sauce. Here, we offer some of our tips for creating magical taco and hot sauce combinations. 

Breakfast Tacos: Anything “Spicy” Goes
As you probably could have guessed, most hot sauces work splendidly with breakfast tacos. The spicier, the better—a little kick with your morning coffee is an energizing way to start the day. Chiles work well with the “sweet creaminess” of the egg yolk, so any breakfast dish incorporating eggs is just begging to have some chile pepper sauce drizzled on top. Schultz’s Spicy Original sauce is going to add a serious kick to any dish, but it’s absolutely perfect for breakfast foods. Consuming hot peppers at breakfast is also a great way to manage/suppress appetite, which can help you lose weight. So keep it spicy in the AM!

Fish Tacos: Keep It Simple
When assembling a fresh fish taco, let the flavors of the fish shine through rather than dousing it in an overpoweringly spicy sauce. Sweet and spicy sauces work really with fish, whether it’s been grilled or battered and fried. Our Sweet Heat sauce is a great fit here, as the smooth balance of sweetness and spiciness doesn’t overpower the other ingredients, but also accentuates the flavor of the fish.

Veggie Tacos: Tart and Funky
It’s okay to get a little weird when working with off-beat vegetarian tacos. Fruit-forward sauces that incorporate red and green chile peppers, just like our Green Chili Lime sauce are perfect for veggie tacos. Habanero or ghost pepper based sauces are often too hot and tend to overpower the other ingredients. A little heat is what you’re looking for here, just enough to break a sweat, but not enough to want to drink a gallon of water.

Steak and Brisket Tacos: Vinegar-forward
Don’t simmer down the heat, rather add a strikingly complex flavor profile. We love using a sauce with a more vinegar-forward profile like Schultz’s Chipotle cooking sauce for brisket and steak tacos. The vinegar base helps to break down the meat, which in turn makes it more tender and flavorful. A verde (Green) sauce is another excellent option to drizzle on bbq tacos, especially when pork makes its way onto the menu.

Tacos every day is an ideal we can all get behind!


Here at Schultz’s, we’re making your family meals easier, healthier and tastier.

Our family’s sauces, seasonings and snacks work perfectly in recipes to enhance flavor rather than replace it. With food you’ll find in your own kitchen, we only include the highest quality REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS. We’re proud to use family recipes that have been passed down for THREE GENERATIONS and are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


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Delicious Deals, Distribution Updates & More



Easy Grilling Thanksgiving Recipes

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A Few Thanksgiving Favorites For The Grill

There’s always been a lot to love about Thanksgiving, but even a tradition as great as Turkey Day can use a little spice up from time to time. And no, we’re not talking about hopping on the deep-fried turkey trend and potentially sending your bird into the stratosphere because your deep-frier went Kaboom while you were watching the game inside…

Thanksgiving meal preparation can be hectic and at times overwhelming. There seems to be an infinite number of dishes to prepare and mouths to feed, especially when you’re the host. We don’t think that should be the case though, and if you happen to have a grill available wherever you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, then give these recipes a crack. 

Rotisserie Turkey

Grilled Rotisserie Turkey and Stuffing

Basting itself to juicy, smoky perfection. This recipe removes the hassle of constant basting from the Thanksgiving Day equation. Instead, pop that turkey on a rotisserie spit and let your grill do the work for you. -> recipe here <-

*Special equipment: a rotisserie attachment for a grill; butcher’s twine; a 9-by-13-inch disposable aluminum pan or half-sheet pan; an instant-read thermometer

Cider Glazed Vegetables

Grilled Cider Glazed Veggies

Smokey vegetables with a sticky, tangy glaze. It’s nice to have healthy options in amongst all of the decedent dishes of the season. Even better, these glazed veggies are quick and easy to prepare. If you’re looking to impress your guests this year, glazed veggies hot off the grill can be quite persuading. -> recipe here <-

Grilled Pumpkin Pie

Grilled Pumpkin Pie

This classic pumpkin pie has one smokey twist. -> recipe here <-


Here at Schultz’s, we’re making your family meals easier, healthier and tastier.

Our family’s sauces, seasonings and snacks work perfectly in recipes to enhance flavor rather than replace it. With food you’ll find in your own kitchen, we only include the highest quality REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS. We’re proud to use family recipes that have been passed down for THREE GENERATIONS and are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


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Delicious Deals, Distribution Updates & More



Building A Healthy Tailgate Plate

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Build A Healthy Plate at Your Next Tailgate

No one ever said it was easy to eat healthy during tailgating and football season. Yet, knowing which foods to put on your plate and what portions you should be eating more of can help you make cleaner food swaps and better game day choices – and do wonders for your waistline.

Football season is officially here, which means it’s time for tailgating! And when you’re surrounded by typical pre-game fare such as chicken wings, barbecue, and greasy fries, it can be really easy to go overboard and just pile things on your plate. But there are certain home-cooked favorites you can add to your plate to make it a lot healthier. Whether you’re hosting a tailgating party in the comfort of your own home or you’re at the mercy of all the fat-laden temptation in the stadium parking lot, learn how to serve up a filling tailgating plate that won’t leave you feeling overfed or send you into a food coma before kickoff. 

Yes, it’s possible to build your own plate for approximately 500 calories! Don’t believe us? Here’s delicious, satisfying proof that you don’t have to avoid your favorite foods just to save calories. 

The Formula…

1. Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit.

2. Then pile one-quarter with protein and healthy fats like cheese and dips.

3. Leave the remaining one-quarter for grains or starchy sides.


Family Watching Football


No fumbling with foods here! Have fun and add a little color to half of your plate with the right veggies and fruits. Of course you can throw in common pre-cut veggies like baby carrots and celery sticks or hydrating slices of cucumbers that are perfect for dipping. But we took things a step further, putting a healthy spin on classic tailgating foods.

We replaced fattening potato fries with Jalapeno Poppers. You can even make eating fruit more exciting with fresh fruit and cheese kebabs that are easy to assemble on a skewer at home, or you can buy pre-cut slices to thread on your way to the game. After all, who doesn’t enjoy food on a stick, especially when it’s this good for you?

Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sliders (made with Schultz’s Sweet Hickory bbq sauce) are a great source of protein and a simple way to control portion size, particularly when compared to traditional tailgating sandwiches that are often high in junk but low in nutritional value. We opted for one slider to fill the plate, which is more than enough to keep you full until the end of the game. You’ll want to save the remaining quarter of your plate for tasty tortilla chips and dip to round out your plate.

Get all the crunchy, salted goodness of standard potato chips without all the sodium, fat, and calories by substituting them for Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. These chips are packed with a variety of grains, and are made for snacking and dunking during time-outs. Adding some Hummus dip pulls double duty, offering a tasty spread for the cold cut veggies on your plate, too!

An important factor to remember when planning tailgating menus or deciding what to put on your plate is the importance of finger-friendly foods. With a lack of seating (and possibly cutlery), you may have to perform the ultimate juggling act, balancing your plate with one hand and a beverage with the other. Foods like sliders, tortilla chips, and bite-sized appetizers are the way to go. And the best part about it is that these foods allow you to eat with one hand while cheering on your team with the other or holding your favorite draft beer.

However, it’s unlikely a few healthier game day dishes will appeal to everyone. So, we recommend preparing at least one more traditional game day recipe to make sure all your bases are covered. Specifically, Schultz’s Signature Gourmet Hot Wings, Tequila Lime Wings, and Spicy Chipotle Caramelized Onion Dip are great options to help satisfy your more traditional tailgaters.


Here at Schultz’s, we’re making your family meals easier, healthier and tastier.

Our family’s sauces, seasonings and snacks work perfectly in recipes to enhance flavor rather than replace it. With food you’ll find in your own kitchen, we only include the highest quality REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS. We’re proud to use family recipes that have been passed down for THREE GENERATIONS and are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


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Delicious Deals, Distribution Updates & More


Schultz's Thanksgiving

A Very Schultz’s Thanksgiving

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If we are being honest, Thanksgiving might be our favorite holiday of the year. It’s our time to shine. Moments around the table always brings us back to our values, and reminds us why we started bottling these sauces in the first place.

Schultz’s was started around our family table, during backyard barbecues and birthday parties. Thanksgiving is another memory we have of gathering around, cooking good food and sharing time with the people we love most (and boy are we thankful for all of it). No matter how big or small your Thanksgiving celebration is, we pulled together some of our favorite recipes to provide a little inspiration and some insight to what we will have around our own table this year.
Whole Smoked Turkey

Our Thanksgiving Star: Turkey

Are you ready to be the host with the most? This whole smoked turkey is the first step. Our pro tips? Definitely have your thermometer on the ready because temperature is everything. Also, let the turkey rest for at least 15 minutes before cutting and serving. This will help those meaty juices to stay put right where we want them: in every bite. Get the recipe here.

Tangy Mustard Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

Fall Flavors Maxed Out

Sweet, tangy and succulent beyond belief. Plus, have we mentioned this is a pork loin wrapped in BACON?! We can’t promise there will be second helpings of this one, but it sure will be good while it lasts. Get the recipe here.

Spicy Mac and Cheese

The Side Everyone Loves

Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? Exactly… no one. Put this out and everyone will scoop it onto their plate. It’s not new, but it sure does make our spread every year. All you need is a few ingredients and a bottle of Schultz’s Hot Sauce to make it happen. Get the recipe here.

Spicy Potato Salad

Unlike Any Potato Salad You’ve Ever Had

Cool and creamy, saucy and spicy. Spicy? Well how much is really up to you. This recipe has been handed down in our family and we’ve all perfected it throughout the years so it’s not just a Thanksgiving go to—but an any time go to. Get the recipe here.

Cilantro Lime Coleslaw

Zesty and Fresh to Brighten Your Plate

Is it Thanksgiving without coleslaw? Not for us it isn’t. This zesty and bright coleslaw is the perfect thing to balance our your plate. With so many heavy dishes on Thanksgiving, this coleslaw makes it into our mouth about every other bite. Think of it as a palette cleanser for all the other delicious things you get to gobble on. Get the recipe here.

Grilled Asparagus

Greens That Make Us Smile

Oh, Asparagus. Our go to for grilling. This asparagus is perfectly seasoned with Schultz’s Rub and served with a Schultz’s Hot Dipping Sauce. It really does put a smile on our face how balanced the flavors are in this one. Make it on the grill or in your cast iron skillet. Get the recipe here.


Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

Because Even After You’re Stuffed, You Still Need Something Sweet

Don’t worry, we don’t add anything Schultz’s into our desserts. But we do like to enjoy, this year we have a wide variety of guests and are going to be trying this Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pie made with Thrive Tribe Paleo Cookies. We’re really excited to bring something new to the table that everyone can enjoy. Get the recipe here.


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Schultz's Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet Dos and Donts

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Well-seasoned cast iron takes time, patience and care. Once you have the routine down, it’s actually pretty simple.

Cast iron is a tough, versatile material that is exceptional at conducting hot, even heat. The process of seasoning your skillet goes something like this: When you heat your pan, the pores open up and absorb the oils and fats from what you’re cooking. Over time, these oils combine with the porous surface and create an easy-release surface that is harder and smoother than cast iron on its own.
To help you get the most out of your pans (and keep them in good cooking shape), here are a few dos and don’ts to live by when it comes to cast iron.

Use dish soap—really!

If you only rinse your skillet, bacteria can grow or grease residue can go rancid. For best practice, get right to it. Clean the skillet immediately while it’s still hot or warm. Use a minimal amount of dish soap and wash the skillet using hot water and a stiff sponge or brush. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry well.

Rub the cast iron skillet with oil before storing.

After washing and carefully drying your cast iron skillet, use a paper towel to apply a very thin layer of neutral oil like flaxseed, soybean or vegetable oil. Store it until ready to use again.

Season your pans twice a year.

In addition to keeping your pans well-greased after cooking, it’s a good idea to give your pans a full seasoning twice a year. Lay a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom rack of your oven. Preheat to 400° and while you wait, drizzle a few table spoons of vegetable oil in your skillet and spread it evenly across the inside of the pan with a paper towel. Bake upside down on a rack for 1 hour. Let it cool completely in the oven before storing in a safe spot.

Use it on your grill.

For the best crusty sear on a steak or a burger, you need surface area. Let your cast iron skillets preheat on your grill grate until they are nice and hot. Then use them on the grill just as you could on your stovetop. The cast iron’s flat, even surface will give you that perfect char while still getting the smoky flavor from the grill.

Don’t have a grate? You can lay it right on top of the coals or burning logs. This makes it perfect for camping if you’re able to lug it around. Just be sure to have a long spatula or tongs to work with!

Using metal utensils.

We all know to not use metal utensils on an enamel-coated cookware. However, it’s O.K. to use a metal spatula or tongs on cast iron—the seasoned surface actually protects the metal.


Put your pans away wet.

Attention: if we only get across on thing in this blog—this is it! Water will gather in the bottom of the skillet and rust. This also goes for letting your pans air-dry on your stove top. If the cast iron is still damp after drying with a towel, set it over a low flame until completely dry.

Put your pans in the dishwasher.

A dishwasher is too harsh and can potentially strip the surface of your skillet so don’t even think about it.

Let your pans soak.

Keep your pan out of the sink until you’re ready to clean it. Excessive soaking can cause rust. Like we mentioned above, it’s best to clean your skillet immediately.

Use it to cook acidic foods.

Acidic foods, such as tomatoes, beans and large amounts of citrus juice can potentially strip the surface of a skillet that is not heavily seasoned and make the food taste metallic. If you have a relatively new skillet, save these cooking jobs for your stainless steel or enameled pans.

Let your pan get sticky.

If the surface of your skillet feels sticky from oil, then the skillet isn’t properly seasoned and it can cause the fat on the surface to flake off. To fix this, follow the seasoning process mentioned above.

What if…

You have stuck food too tough for dish soap…

Try scrubbing your cast iron with a few tablespoons of oil, kosher salt and a paper towel. When the salt looks black and dirty, then rinse and dry well.

Your pan gets rusty…

Gently remove the rust with a super fine steel wool pad. Then rinse, dry and proceed with the seasoning process mentioned above.


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A version of this blog originally ran on Food & Wine

Schultz's Father's Day Gift Guide for Dad

Grilling Gift Guide for Dad

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Looking for a Father’s Day gift for the dad that always goes above and beyond? That’s no easy task. Luckily we have you covered with a list of perfect grilling gifts. Affordable, unique, and special gifts for your one-of-a-kind dad to make his BBQ dreams come true on this special day…


Let’s toast to originality! The 22 inch Original Kettle Charcoal Grill is a perfect gift for Dad at only $109!



Find the perfect grill cover for the specific model that you have at home from Target, Amazon, Home Depot, and other hardware/department stores! Price ranges anywhere from $10-$50.\



Mix and match a delicious combo of you and your dad’s favorite Schultz’s BBQ and Hot Sauce’s! Anywhere from the zesty & wild Green Chili Lime Hot Sauce to the thick & smokey Sweet Hickory BBQ Sauce will be sure to satisfy your dad’s taste buds and his passion for grilling!

Use the Store Locator or order off of Amazon/ Thrive Market to get your sauce today.



The best gift for grilling late at night or for any other late night/early morning adventures. While there are many headlamps that will do the trick, our personal favorite is from Backcountry! Only $20 for the perfect simple & effective lighting solution.



Grilling tongs are a necessity when it comes to barbecuing the perfect dish! There are so many versions, lengths, and style of tongs to choose from. The perfect opportunity to customize a one-of-a-kind pair of tongs that you know suits your dad!



Cuisinart’s 20-Piece Grilling Tool Set has the best compilation of all of the tools you may need for a successful grill-session! Of course you can get more extravagant grilling set’s but what’s not to love about this one? And it’s only $42!


7. Meat Thermometer

The perfect pair to the Weber Grill listed above! At only $9.99 you can get a highly effective and must-have instant read meat thermometer made by Weber. Find the thermometer at Target, Lowe’s, Amazon, Walmart, and many other stores.



Schultz’s Premium Seasoning & Rub has the classic smokehouse flavor you’d expect from a great dry rub combined with the versatility of a seasoning salt. It’s a natural blend of seventeen herbs and spices that can be used on ANYTHING! Seriously… anything.

Find the Seasoning & Rub using the Store Locator or order off of Amazon/ Thrive Market! Your dad will thank you later.

Let us know you Father’s Day Traditions & what gifts you plan to get your dad in the comments or on social media!

Schultz’s Gourmet has some exciting things coming up for you guys!! We are doing a Father’s Day Giveaway that will be live from June 13th – June 17th. Click here for more information!

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Schultz's Signature Burgers made on Grill

The 9 Best Grills of 2018

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To make a delicious BBQ dish, you have to make sure you pick out the right grill first! We’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong with any of these Grills that were voted the best of 2018…

1. The Napoleon Rogue 425 in Stainless ($899)

The Napoleon Rogue 425 is our favorite gas grill. Serious outdoor chefs tend to agree! In our tests, we found that it’s four burners heat evenly at both high and low temperatures all across its 425-square-inch main grilling surface.

One of the grill’s features is that it has sear plates to prevent flareups. Additionally, the grill has folding stainless steel side shelves for easy storage. The coolest trick by far you may ask? It’s optional tray that converts the grill into a charcoal pit of course!

2.Amazon’s Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Grill/Griddle ($247)

A griddle as the best-selling gas grill on Amazon? Yep. The Blackstone is easy to transport and it has independently controlled heating zones and is built to last. It’s meant to cook anything and everything that a grill is supposed to cook!

If you can’t splurge on our top gas grill pick, this Blackstone is a couple hundred dollars cheaper. With almost 2,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, people love it.

4. The Force ($900)

The force is a two-burner gas grill that heats up quickly, going from cold to rib ready in just five minutes. The die-cast aluminum exterior has inter-changeable grates that let’s you go from a standard grill plate to a cast-iron flattop in seconds. An added perk is that the grill is available in 5 different colors!

5.The Fusion  ($1000)

This stylish pedestal grill combines everything you love about charcoal cooking – the taste, the smell – with the speed of gas grilling. Rather than relying on lighter fluid, a match and a prayer, you’re armed with an electric ignition system that will have your charcoal burning hot in just 10 minutes.

There’s also a built-in rotisserie system! This feature is designed to slow-cooke 20 pounds’ worth of whole chicken which will make you popular with the neighbors.

6. The Hub ($2000)

If you really want to go for it, try the Hub. The biggest, baddest grill in the lineup! The Hub adds a larger grilling surface and double shelves for storing all your tools, plus an 88-pound-capacity rotisserie.

That’s big enough to cook a whole pig for the starting lineup of your favorite baseball team – or at least your luckiest family members.

7. Weber-Genesis E-310 ($699)

Equipped with the proprietary GS4 Grilling System, this grill was designed to be easy to use with excellent grilling results, no matter how much grilling experience you have. The Infinity Ignition guarantees reliable starting every time, just by turning the knob for the burner you choose.

This grill has three stainless steel burners that operate independently, so you can sear over one burner while cooking at a lower temperature on another part of the grill. The Genesis has a total of 513 square inches of primary cooking space and another large warming rack on the side. Plenty of room to have ribs, brats and burgers, while buns and side dishes stay warm and out of the way!

8. KitchenAid 6-Burner Dual Chamber Propane Gas Grill ($1,899)

This grill has five main stainless steel burners and dual chambers to cook anything you want! That’s a total of 91,000 BTUs of cooking power. The stainless steel firebox and lid won’t rust or corrode and the 12,000 brass and stainless steel side burner let you simmer a sauce or cook a side dish. Perfect! It’s ceramic rotisserie burner provides 13,000 BTUs of heat and the ceramic infrared searing burner provides 16,000 BTUs.

The cooking grids are wrapped with stainless steel that’s easy to maintain. Also, the even-heat system, enhanced grates, and angled flame tamers work to maintain even heat across the entire cooking surface.

9. Kenmore Elite 5-Burner Grill ($1469)

This 5-burner grill has stainless steel cooking grates, a warming rack, a flame tamer and a stainless steel lid and liner. It provides a total of 84,000 BTUs of cooking power and 832 square inches of cooking space. Additionally, the control panel has LED lights that make it easy to see your bbq in any weather! What’s not to love about that?

The burners light individually with electronic ignition. Therefore, it’s easy to cook on the full grill or select just part of the grill for small amounts of food.


Find more top-rated grills at

Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials!

Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials!

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Summer – the best time of the year to kick back, spend time with family & friends, and be outdoors. The best way to do that you ask? By having a BBQ party! Whether the BBQ is with everyone you know or just a small group of family & friends, these 10 recipes are essential to making your BBQ a success! Enjoy your summer with these easy-to-make recipes that will leave your guests amazed at your cooking skills and will leave them wanting more….!s.

1. Signature Gourmet Hot Wings

These grilled gourmet hot wings are your secret weapon for a stand apart BBQ. And pretty much everything else!

2. Signature Smokehouse Burgers

These burgers are the real deal… smokey, peppery, juicy! Top them off with all of your favorite fixings.

3. Smoked Ribs

This rib recipe is smokey, delicious, and savory! Tastes amazing with all four of our BBQ sauces!

4. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

This must-have appetizer is truly perfect for any occasion!

5. Spicy Mac &Cheese

Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese? Exactly… no one

6. Pan-Seared Trout

You’ll be back for seconds, maybe even thirds! Seared to complete perfection

7. Green Chili Lime Fajitas

Fresh, Zesty, and Easy! These quick Green Chili Lime fajitas are a great addition to your BBQ party!

8. Whole Smoked Chicken

A classic dish with a twist of Schultz Seasoning and Rub! To die for.

9. Seasoned Seared Scallops

seasoned seared scallops… now that’s a mouthful. Literally. A delicious witch up your classic “hamburger and hot dog” barbecue.

10. Fiery Habanero Grilled Wings

Have a glass of milk ready… these bad boys are HOT. They are fiery, flavorful, and plain fantastic.


. Find more recipes for you BBQ on our collection of recipes page.

Let us know your BBQ party traditions or classic dishes in the comments!

Stay in and Cook this Valentine’s Day!

Stay in and Cook this Valentine’s Day!

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Let’s face it, if you don’t already have V-Day reservations, you likely won’t get any (or at least not anywhere good). BUT… don’t fret, you’re better off without any. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, and what better way to do so than making an incredible homemade meal for your love… in your PJs. If you aren’t convinced yet, keep reading. Trust us, in no time you’ll be hitting the grocery store and browsing our recipes for the perfect dinner ideas.

1. You won’t have to make a reservation… and STILL wait 45 minutes for your table when you get there.

Restaurants get totally slammed on Valentine’s Day and they are trying to pack as many people in there as they can. They’ll be hustling you in and out as quick as they can once you finally get seated. Skip the rush and go on another night when things calm down.

2. You won’t have to deal with a prix fixe menu filled with overpriced, weird items.

“I’ll pass on the frog legs but thank you.” Why pay the extra $10-$20 for odd appetizers you would never order for yourself. It will mean even more to your sweetheart if you cook them a thoughtful meal instead of paying for their duck liver they pretended to enjoy.

3. Can’t buy me love…

Skip the Valentine’s Day dinner rez and you won’t have to pay those pesky V-day prices.. aka the big bucks. Restaurants typically bump up the price when they break out the special menus, don’t fall into the trap. You can polish off a whole bottle of wine at home for the price of 2 glasses at the restaurant. And we all know, the more wine the better.

4. Sweatpants exist.

That is all.

5. There’s nothing romantic about being surrounded by awkward couples.

First dates, proposals, whisper-fights- it’s all fair game at restaurants on Valentine’s Day. Unless you want to lose your appetite, skip watching the overly-affectionate couple make out next to you.

6. You can celebrate in peace whether it be Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, Galentines Day, or Bro-entine’s Day.

Whether you’re cuddled with your SO, drinking wine with the ladies, or grilling steaks and drinking beers with your buddies- you can have a great time enjoying the people you love- with no pressure.

7. Netflix.

Avoid the cold and catch up on Game of Thrones. You know you want to…

8. You get to try an EPIC schultz’s gourmet recipe. Trust us, you won’t regret it. Browse our collection of recipes.

Might we recommend the Spicy Shrimp Pasta or Seasoned Seared Scallops.

Let us know your Valentine’s Day traditions in the comments!

7 Grilling Tips from the Schultz Brothers

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We’ve got 7 tips from the Grill-Masters themselves… Mark, Matt, and Mike.  They’ve had tons of experience behind the Weber and have some hot tips that they’ve gathered throughout the years.  So fire it up and get ready to grill like a pro.

1. Don’t Burn Your BBQ Sauce! Remember, BBQ sauces have sugar…and sugar burns. Wait to brush the BBQ sauce onto your meat until the last few minutes of cooking and close the grill lid to allow sugars to caramelize.

2. “Don’t be afraid to use cast-iron- especially for staging. Cast-iron gets hot and stays hot and can make your life easier when you’re running out of room on the grill.”- Matt Schultz

3. Clean your grill while it’s hot- it’ll be much easier to get it clean than it will be when it cools down. If you don’t have a brush you can use a piece of aluminum foil as a brush-hack. Pro-tip: wipe EVOO on the grate after it’s clean to season for your next cookout!

4. Check the internal temperature to see if it’s done. Use an instant-read thermometer like this one: Or try this finger test to determine how your meat is cooked.

5. Let the meat rest after grilling and before eating to let the juices distribute evenly. A good rule of thumb is 5 minutes per pound. Even while it’s resting, the internal temp is still high and it’s still cooking.

6. Flip-happy? Resist the temptation to flip small cuts of meat repeatedly because you will lose a lot of the moisture that makes it juicy and delicious. Pay attention to the temperature of the grill and how long each side has been cooking.

7. “Get prepared for Grilling Season early. Sharpen your knifes, clean out the grill and try something new! Change it up. Instead of T-bone steaks, try tri-tip steaks. Instead of pork chops, try pork shoulder. Get out from the kitchen and get back behind the grill-make some recipes you’ve been waiting to try. Get as much grilling done now BEFORE grilling season starts, so by the time you’re hosting a BBQ or backyard party, not only will your knifes be sharpened, but so will your grilling technique.” – Matt Schultz

Hey fellow grill-masters, tell us your favorite tips and tricks in the comments!