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Schultz's Signature Burgers made on Grill

A Round-Up of The Best Grills

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To make a delicious BBQ dish, you have to make sure you pick out the right grill first! We’ve got you covered. You can’t go wrong with any of these Grills that were voted the best of 2018…

1. The Napoleon Rogue 425 in Stainless ($899)

The Napoleon Rogue 425 is our favorite gas grill. Serious outdoor chefs tend to agree! In our tests, we found that it’s four burners heat evenly at both high and low temperatures all across its 425-square-inch main grilling surface.

One of the grill’s features is that it has sear plates to prevent flareups. Additionally, the grill has folding stainless steel side shelves for easy storage. The coolest trick by far you may ask? It’s optional tray that converts the grill into a charcoal pit of course!

2.Amazon’s Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Grill/Griddle ($247)

A griddle as the best-selling gas grill on Amazon? Yep. The Blackstone is easy to transport and it has independently controlled heating zones and is built to last. It’s meant to cook anything and everything that a grill is supposed to cook!

If you can’t splurge on our top gas grill pick, this Blackstone is a couple hundred dollars cheaper. With almost 2,000 4.5 star reviews on Amazon, people love it.

4. The Force ($900)

The force is a two-burner gas grill that heats up quickly, going from cold to rib ready in just five minutes. The die-cast aluminum exterior has inter-changeable grates that let’s you go from a standard grill plate to a cast-iron flattop in seconds. An added perk is that the grill is available in 5 different colors!

5.The Fusion  ($1000)

This stylish pedestal grill combines everything you love about charcoal cooking – the taste, the smell – with the speed of gas grilling. Rather than relying on lighter fluid, a match and a prayer, you’re armed with an electric ignition system that will have your charcoal burning hot in just 10 minutes.

There’s also a built-in rotisserie system! This feature is designed to slow-cooke 20 pounds’ worth of whole chicken which will make you popular with the neighbors.

6. The Hub ($2000)

If you really want to go for it, try the Hub. The biggest, baddest grill in the lineup! The Hub adds a larger grilling surface and double shelves for storing all your tools, plus an 88-pound-capacity rotisserie.

That’s big enough to cook a whole pig for the starting lineup of your favorite baseball team – or at least your luckiest family members.

7. Weber-Genesis E-310 ($699)

Equipped with the proprietary GS4 Grilling System, this grill was designed to be easy to use with excellent grilling results, no matter how much grilling experience you have. The Infinity Ignition guarantees reliable starting every time, just by turning the knob for the burner you choose.

This grill has three stainless steel burners that operate independently, so you can sear over one burner while cooking at a lower temperature on another part of the grill. The Genesis has a total of 513 square inches of primary cooking space and another large warming rack on the side. Plenty of room to have ribs, brats and burgers, while buns and side dishes stay warm and out of the way!

8. KitchenAid 6-Burner Dual Chamber Propane Gas Grill ($1,899)

This grill has five main stainless steel burners and dual chambers to cook anything you want! That’s a total of 91,000 BTUs of cooking power. The stainless steel firebox and lid won’t rust or corrode and the 12,000 brass and stainless steel side burner let you simmer a sauce or cook a side dish. Perfect! It’s ceramic rotisserie burner provides 13,000 BTUs of heat and the ceramic infrared searing burner provides 16,000 BTUs.

The cooking grids are wrapped with stainless steel that’s easy to maintain. Also, the even-heat system, enhanced grates, and angled flame tamers work to maintain even heat across the entire cooking surface.

9. Kenmore Elite 5-Burner Grill ($1469)

This 5-burner grill has stainless steel cooking grates, a warming rack, a flame tamer and a stainless steel lid and liner. It provides a total of 84,000 BTUs of cooking power and 832 square inches of cooking space. Additionally, the control panel has LED lights that make it easy to see your bbq in any weather! What’s not to love about that?

The burners light individually with electronic ignition. Therefore, it’s easy to cook on the full grill or select just part of the grill for small amounts of food.


Find more top-rated grills at

Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials!

Summer Grill Party Recipe Essentials!

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Summer – the best time of the year to kick back, spend time with family & friends, and be outdoors. The best way to do that you ask? By having a BBQ party! Whether the BBQ is with everyone you know or just a small group of family & friends, these 10 recipes are essential to making your BBQ a success! Enjoy your summer with these easy-to-make recipes that will leave your guests amazed at your cooking skills and will leave them wanting more….!s.

1. Signature Gourmet Hot Wings

These grilled gourmet hot wings are your secret weapon for a stand apart BBQ. And pretty much everything else!

2. Signature Smokehouse Burgers

These burgers are the real deal… smokey, peppery, juicy! Top them off with all of your favorite fixings.

3. Smoked Ribs

This rib recipe is smokey, delicious, and savory! Tastes amazing with all four of our BBQ sauces!

4. Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip

This must-have appetizer is truly perfect for any occasion!

5. Spicy Mac &Cheese

Who doesn’t love Mac & Cheese? Exactly… no one

6. Pan-Seared Trout

You’ll be back for seconds, maybe even thirds! Seared to complete perfection

7. Green Chili Lime Fajitas

Fresh, Zesty, and Easy! These quick Green Chili Lime fajitas are a great addition to your BBQ party!

8. Whole Smoked Chicken

A classic dish with a twist of Schultz Seasoning and Rub! To die for.

9. Seasoned Seared Scallops

seasoned seared scallops… now that’s a mouthful. Literally. A delicious witch up your classic “hamburger and hot dog” barbecue.

10. Sweet Heat Grilled Wings

These grilled hot wings are a crowd pleaser! A perfect blend of sweetness and heat makes these wings hard to resist.


. Find more recipes for you BBQ on our collection of recipes page.

Let us know your BBQ party traditions or classic dishes in the comments!

Breakfast Tacos with Green Chili Lime

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Breakfast Tacos with Green Chili Lime

Start your morning with a kick!

PREP — 10 Minutes    COOK — 10 Minutes    

TOTAL — 20 Minutes  SERVINGS —Three


• 3 corn tortillas

• 4 eggs

• 2 tbsp shredded cheddar cheese

• 1/2 tsp salt

• 1/2 sliced avocado

• Sliced tomatoes

• Sliced radishes (optional)

Schultz’s Green Chili Lime Cooking Hot Sauce


1. Heat a small nonstick pan over medium-low. Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add in salt and shredded cheese. Pour into heated pan and scramble over low until eggs are fully cooked.

2.  Heat tortillas in a skillet.

3.  Top tortillas with scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, tomatoes, radishes and a generous drizzle of green chili lime sauce!


Here at Schultz’s, we’re making your family meals easier, healthier and tastier.

Our family’s sauces, seasonings and snacks work perfectly in recipes to enhance flavor rather than replace it. With food you’ll find in your own kitchen, we only include the highest quality REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS. We’re proud to use family recipes that have been passed down for THREE GENERATIONS and are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


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