Schultz’s Gourmet ® Cooking Hot Sauces, Seasonings and Snacks


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Look for Schultz's Gourmet Cooking Hot Sauces - Nationwide in the natural department at all Kroger divisions! Click here to find a location near you!

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You can also try our new Snacks at! Spicy Original Almonds and Sweet Heat Cashews on sale now!

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Health Helpful™

  Our promise to you…We only use the highest quality ingredients. No preservatives, no MSG, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, no trans fats. Only real, good ingredients!

All Natural

We use fresh chopped garlic, real olive oil and oh yeah…our unique blend of peppers come direct from the farm. Look at the bottle, you can see all the good stuff inside!

Cooking Hot Sauces

  Our sauces are meant for you to cook with them. Not just heat, but amazing fresh tasting flavor. Use it in your favorite recipes and give them a little heat!  


  Even though these are cooking sauces, you can enjoy our sauces right from the bottle. Use them in your marinades & sautés or as a grilling/finishing sauces.

Born in Colorado

    That’s right…Schultz's Gourmet started right here in Colorado.  Bring a taste of Colorado to your next meal!  


  Check out our recipes page for some of our favorite ideas using Schultz’s Gourmet Cooking Hot Sauces & Seasonings.


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Matt & Bacon

Looking for something fun to cook this weekend? Check out our videos below for some great recipe ideas:

Click Here to watch our video to learn how to make Schultz's Gourmet Bacon Wrapped Shrimp


Click Here to watch our video to learn how to make Schultz's Gourmet Wings


Top 250 Manufacturers in Colorado

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Sedulous Foods (makers of the Schultz’s Gourmet brand of products) is a finalist for the 2013 Colorado Companies to Watch!


Schultz’s in the News!

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We had a great time on “Business Unconventional” at the 710 KNUS studios. Click below for the full audio.

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